Different E-Liquid Flavors For Your Summer Enjoyment

Now that summer is here, it’s time to break out the festive and holiday e-liquid flavors that will tune into sync with the summer. With so many different manufacturers out there, it’s hard to choose one that’s above and beyond but there’s not many with the selection of a particular company that you can find by clicking here: Visit Website

Why do we love summer so much? In America, there’s four distinct different seasons and each of them have an impact depending on where you live. If you live on the very west coast in a place like California, then you may never get to experience a thing called winter. It’s an awful time where there’s a lot of snow and the temperature drops below freezing. While some people may enjoy that, there’s plenty out there that don’t enjoy it.

Summer is a wonderful time of year where kids are outside playing, you can go outside and grill something to eat, you can lay by the pool and soak up some sun or do whatever you want. For vapers, this means you can go outside for a walk while you vape, sit outside on your porch or wherever you’d like. With that nice summer breeze and sunny weather, you’re going to need a nice flavor to go along with your vape session. Everyone has different tastes and opinions, but here’s some of the best summer vape e-liquids.

The first one is known as berry blast. If you think of berry blast, immediately your mind probably jumps to smoothie or a Popsicle. It’s a very smooth flavor and the berry scent is very strong. It’s very relaxing and has a very relaxing aroma about it. There are a lot of different berry blast combinations and flavors out there but most of them contain the same ingredients with a combination of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. If you like berries of any kind, you’ll thoroughly enjoy berry blast.

Watermelon is another wonderful flavor for your summer thirst. Everyone knows (or at least should know) what watermelon tastes like. If you like watermelon for casual eating or to go with your meal, you’ll definitely enjoy this flavor of e-liquid on a nice and hot summer day. A lot of people when they try out watermelon e-liquid are reminded of swimming for some reason. A lot of people like to picture and imagine some nice flowing streams and just lay back with reminiscence due to the natural and smooth flavor.

Lastly, there’s lime and rum. This sugary e-liquid flavor has a nice hint of rum but it’s also strong in the sense of lime taste. The rum flavor is thought to be from Jamaica or at least catered towards Jamaican rum. So kick back and relax with your favorite e-liquid flavor this summer and let all of your troubles just vape away with these relaxing and refreshing flavors. If you haven’t tried any of them, order them all and let us know which one you like the best.

Why You Should Quit Smoking And Switch To Vaping

stop smoking

Let’s talk about vaping versus smoking. Let’s go over the details of both of them and the pros and cons of both of them. When you think about smokers, what do you think about? These little sticks make you look pretty cool huh? Now, what do you think about vapers? Your impersonation of vapers is probably pretty bad huh? You imagine someone taking what looks like a bong hit and somewhat of a hipster. Well thanks to the internet, the reputation of these people isn’t the best but I’m here to dispel those myths and tell you why you should start vaping over the cancerous sticks known as cigarettes.

Let’s go over and talk about cigarettes for a bit though. Let’s first talk about the pros of cigarettes and let’s try to be positive here for the influential. I’ll try to find as many positives as I can.

The Pros of Smoking Cigarettes

  • Women at the bar might ask you if they can bum one off of you and then you can start up a conversation with the said women. This will potentially increase your chance of bringing this young lady home. So, while you both are breathing dangerous smoke in each other’s faces, you can rest assured knowing that cigarettes helped you score that win. Then again, do you really HAVE to smoke them just for that to work? You could have them just lying on the bar and not actually touch them.
  • You might look cool to people. That’s right; some people think it’s cool to see someone with a smoke stick in their mouth. I mean, it does look cool in a sense. It makes you look like a bit of a rebel. One with a death wish at that but a rebel none the less.
  • You can fit in at work when everyone goes out back to smoke. It’s sad but it’s reality that some people are promoted just because they go out back, smoke and have a connection with management that goes back there to smoke. People who smoke feel a weird connection to each other. Don’t ask why this works like it does.

Now, let’s talk about the cons of smoking cigarettes

  • Smoking is more than known to cause cancer. Not only just cancer but various types of cancer that is often the cause of death.
  • Smoking will kill your lungs slowly.
  • You will lose your ability to run, climb up stairs or walk long distances without having to catch your breath.
  • Your teeth will begin to rot after time and there’s no cheap way to fix this.
  • Your breath will smell.
  • People who don’t smoke will not be able to sit near you due to the smell of the smoke you leave on your person.
  • So on and so on

It would take an entire book to explain why the Surgeon General’s warning against smoking is valid and why you should take it to heart.


Different Types Vaporizers And Their Use

Many people experience dry, cracked, and itchy skin during the winter months. When this problem is combined with a dry throat and cracked lips, usually the cause is a lack of humidity in the air of your home or office. Dry air can also cause respiratory problems such as coughs and asthma as moisture is required by the body to fight off bacterial and viral infections. When your respiratory system lacks adequate moisture, this can result in sinus headaches and allergy problems.

Vaporizer At Home

A vaporizer can be used to add moisture to the air in your home. As the water in the vaporizer is heated by the electronic heating unit, it turns to steam and humidifies the air. These units are relatively expensive to operate, as they use electricity to heat and boil the water. However, the steam is free of molds, bacteria, and other harmful elements in the water because of the heating process used, so the humidified air is safe and clean.

When using a hot water vaporizer, there is one precaution that should be mentioned. The unit becomes very hot when in use, so there is a risk of being burned if you are not careful while near the vaporizer. It should not be used in children’s rooms where they can accidentally touch the vaporizer and get burned.

Many of us recall that our mothers used vaporizers in our rooms when we were children suffering from colds or flus. The vaporizer use would work to alleviate the symptoms and clear the nasal passages. Often mentholated inhalants are added to the steam vaporizer to provide additional soothing relief.

Those who smoke may use a vaporizer at home to inhale their tobacco rather than smoking. By placing the herbs in the heating chamber, the tobacco is vaporized once the element heats to the optimal temperature. At this point, a misty steam is released that contains all the active ingredients in the tobacco. This vapor can then be inhaled rather than smoked, which is healthier for the body. Because the tobacco is not burned, there are no harmful toxins in the vapor. It contains only the purest ingredients in the tobacco, and the flavor is enhanced.

Vaporizer For Smoking 

Vaporizers can also be used for aromatherapy when combined with essential oils. The vapor contains the natural elements from the plant, and when inhaled they have a therapeutic effect. Certain essential oils have healing properties, while others work to calm or relax the user. These essential oils have powerful effects, so they should be used with care so they do not harm the user. Essential oils are readily available in specialty stores or over the internet, and information about their effects should be read before you use them.

Information about different types and models of vaporizers is also readily available on the internet, so you can research the vaporizer product prior to making a purchase. There are many uses for a vaporizer, so you should check product reviews to ensure your vaporizer will perform properly for its intended use.